Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MOTELX - Reviews

Hello dears!
I know I am a little bit late about this post, but it's been hard to find time this month to blog =/
So this was my first experience at Motelx (Lisbon International Horror Film Festival) and everything went well. From all my friends I am the only one who truly loves horror films, so it is something hard to share with them, but being there with a lot of others horror fanatics, I felt at home and not alone.
A great thing was a 50% discount on the tickets if you were YORN (mobile operator service) which I am so the tickets for the films were only 1,75€!!!!
Unfortunately I could only attend 3 films, I wanted to attend the double session with The Conjuring and V/H/S/2 and the Closing Session with You're Next but they were both sold out!

 So the films I saw were:

-Cheap Thrills

So here's a pic of the entrance at afternoon.

A Bloody Mary shot... ok, it was fucking disgusting -.- I don't like tomato juice at all!

And my souvenirs from the Festival, the 3 tickets from the films, the programming book, a bookmarker from The Exorcist and a postcard from Yorn.

And now a little bit about the films:

Cheap Thrills is an american film directed by E. L. Katz from 2013. I don't know him and it was his first film as a director.
The film only have 4 main characters so I think you can imagine what kind of story came out from there. One couple and 2 friends met in a bar and the night... will be long enough to happen a numerous of awkward situations. And this, this is not going to end the way you expected! I am one of those creepy people who laughs at horror/thriller films and here it was not an exception. This film made me laugh so badly although it is one of those films who make you think about the human being behavior. I liked the film because it brought some unexpected situations. Negative aspect: I still wanted more blood!
So thumbs up for this one =)


Byzantium is a 2012 film from the director Neil Jordan, most known for Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.
After the Twilight Saga that I have nothing against, I just feel Twilight like a vampy fairy-tale for teenagers, nothing to take serious and cute to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but like I was saying... after all that mainstream stories about vampires, was time to bring the old vampire stories and feelings to the cinema again. And no one better that Neil Jordan to give us some taste of a twisted vampire story. Mixing the contemporary present and an old past, a common structure to tell the vampires stories. Although the film is based on LOVE, I don't find it a romantic film whatsoever, probably is more a realistic love and not so idealistic like we see in other vampires films.
I really liked the film, brought back the vampires for life again. I am not going to tell the story, even make a synopsis is a little bit difficult, all I can say is like you see in the poster, we have two beautiful and very different women trying to escape to their fate and new way to become a vampire. Negative aspect: Sometimes the story can get a little slow :c 
Don't miss it!


I love the second poster of the film, love the design, colours for me much more related with the story itself.
So the last but not the least, Maniac (2012) a remake from the 1980 film which I did not see yet. Directed by Franck Khalfoun and the screenplay by Alexandre Ajax and Grégory Levasseur. I am a fan of these two writers most known for their work in Haute Tension (2003), The Hills Have Eyes (2006) and Mirrors (2008).
Although I am not a big fan of Elijah Wood, never was, never liked him... I have to say that his creepy face and look was perfect here. From the beginning of the film you know what it is all about, you know who he is, what he does... this is not a film with a big secret, trying to hide the serial killer and making you wondering who is he. No, you know it from the start, you are going to enjoy the killings, the chasing... can a serial killer love? Create a relationship with another? You are going to find out what is going on in his head.
Negative aspect: I don't think that is a big thing to point out.


Thursday, December 5, 2013


I have been way from the blog, unfortunately I have been so busy with the master and a few things in my life are not going as planed. I still have two post to make one Outfit of the Day and a photoshooting I did with Nádia Dias, I am really pleased with the shoot :3 just waiting for her to send all the pics.
So I decided to take a questionnaire, I do not recall where I found it, probably in another blog. If you want to know me a little better, stick for a while ;)

About Me

Name --- Sara
Nickname --- Miss Alice
Birthday --- October 3rd 1988
Current Age --- 25
Height --- 163cm
Weight --- 52kg
Original Hair Colour --- Dark Blonde
Current Hair Colour --- Dark blonde with green/minty colour
Eye Colour --- Between Green-Grey

Have You Ever

Fallen for your bestfriend --- No
Kissed someone who was just your friend --- Yes
Been rejected --- Yes
Been in Love --- Yes
Used Someone --- Perhaps
Cheated On Someone --- Yes
Been Cheated On --- Yes
Done Something You Regret --- Not Really

Do You…
Colour Your Hair --- Yes
Have tattoos --- Not Yet
Have piercings --- Yes
If so how many --- 5
Have a boyfriend --- No
Like Thurdenstorms --- Sometimes

Have You/Do You Have…

Considered a life of crime --- Sometimes it crosses my mind
Considered being a hooker --- No
Considered being a pimp --- ahahah no
Split Personalities --- Depends of your point of view
Obsessions --- Breasts, Chocolate, Clothing, Piercings
Panic --- Water and Small/Tiny Places
Anxiety --- Yes
Depression/Considered Suicide --- Yes

Right Now…

Current Clothes --- My fluffy lilac pyjama :3
Current Mood --- Bored, Sad and Depresses
Current Hair --- Ponytail
Current Music --- Metalcore
Current Annoyance --- My Own Annoyance and people that never grow up
Current perfume --- Yves Rocher of coconut
Current thing you should be doing --- Studying
Current Crush --- Oliver Sykes and... Someone I love


No alcoholic drink --- Water, Iced Tea, Red Fruits Tea and Hot Chocolate
Alcoholic drink --- Black and Red Vodka, Baileys
Colour --- Black, turquoise, minty, deep red and dark green
Candy --- Milka’s Chocolate
Tv Show: Anime, Supernatural, CSI L.A., The Big Bang Theory, Hannibal, Criminal Minds
Movie --- Too many... Horror, please. Hellraiser Kick Ass! Dracula, The Crow, Drive...
Place --- Sintra
Animal --- Crows and Cats
Actor --- Johnny Depp, Christian Bale
Actress --- Angelina Jolie and Christina Ricci
Book --- “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo"1979 by Christiane F. and Les Fleurs du Mal by Baudelaire

Do You Perfer…

McDonalds or Pizzahut --- McDonalds
Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend --- The perfect person who I fall in love with
Sunshine or Rain --- Rain
Spring or Autumn --- Autumn
Winter or Summer --- Winter
Vanilla or Chocolate: Eat Chocolate and smell vanilla
Lights on or off: off

Are You...

Understanding --- In general, yes…
Open Minded --- Yes
Bad tempered --- Sometimes I can’t control myself xD
Happy --- When I Have a Reason To
Attractive --- Depends the eyes of the beholder
Bored Easily --- Yes
Sad --- Yes
Unique --- YES

What do you like in a girl/boy

Eyes --- The expression
Hair Color: Black or Blonde depends
Long or Short Hair --- Long (but also depends)
Body Type --- Fit body :3
Personality --- Strong personality and a open minded.Truthful.


How would you describe yourself --- Difficult to describe
Do you have any pets --- I had.
What do you want to be when you grow up --- Myself
Do you want to get married and have kids --- Well, I do
What is your best physical trait --- Perhaps my eyes
What is the best thing about your personality --- I have my own ideas and respect the different ones. Truthful for the ones that deserve.
What words do you overuse --- Fuck, shit… what the fuck?
What is the most annoying thing about you --- My annoyance

End this with a quote: What doesn’t kill me… makes me anger